Fractional yacht ownership is a cost effective, smart and stress free way to enjoy the pleasures of yachting.

With the budget to purchase a small yacht or holiday home, or regularly charter a yacht, you can own a fractional share of a professionally crewed super-yacht. A management company services and crews the yacht on your behalf so when you arrive for your holiday everything is ready for a relaxing time aboard with friends and family.

Those who have wholly owned a luxury crewed vessel will also see the benefits, avoiding the hassles of management and full year maintenance costs of a boat they probably use less than five weeks a year, while still enjoying the five star personalised service of a privately owned yacht.

Ownership of fractional yachts is shared by a group of individuals who are not necessarily acquainted, each having title to one or more shares. Your share guarantees you to several weeks of cruising every year, depending on how many owners there are or your number of shares.

An added incentive to sharing a yacht is the relative reduction of your environmental impact. Fewer resources are used in both building and operating a yacht used by several owners.

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